Hello, Seif Amr here!

So how did it all start?

My love for photography originated from Adventure and landscape photography, there's no doubt that traveling and learning about the world are things everyone on this planet seeks to do. I have always wanted to travel the world since i was a child, it almost felt like my calling was to travel and learn, but that faded during my teenage life. ever since I graduated HIGH SCHOOL and went to college, i started taking my own lane which lead me to PHOTOGRAPHY and I felt connected again to my purpose. i failed so much at first, but I had this inner fire telling me to never quit. and all of a sudden, it just happened. I became a full time photographer just out of not giving up on my dreams and my determination to keep going no matter what the conditions are. a lot of opportunities rose and I started doing creative, commercial, and CORPORATE work, got the chance to meet a lot of amazing INFLUENTIAL creators that inspired me and millions of people, also roamed around Cairo with one my first ever inspirations the ceo of beautiful destinations, Jeremy jauncey.